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Sag Harbor, NY based artist working in oil, acrylic and collage

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Cati Van Milders is a multi media artist working primarily between painting and collage. After attaining her BFA in Illustration in 1987 at Parsons School of design, she worked as a studio assistant for Willem de Kooning and started her artistic career as a social expressionist. This period in her life jettisoned her artistically and with sketchbook in hand, she incessantly drew people in public places, from which she later created paintings, collages and 3-dimensional pieces.

However, starting in 2003 Cati shifted her attention to her internal world, searching inspiration from within. Through meditation and a therapeutic approach called hypno-introspection she let her impressions, tensions, and emotions express themselves with and through drawings, prints, collages and clay works. Her content became more visceral, abstract, and intuitive. 

When we tune our inner instrument, We are in harmony with the orchestra of the universe

– Cati

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Pine Street Collective, Philadelphia, PA

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Cati Van Milders


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